Android Gingerbread 2.3.6 for Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830 (ASIA firmware + All available Country)

Update via ODIN (step by step)

           This firmware is for Asia version of Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 specifically for Singtel network provider in Singapore users but can also be used by nearby South East Asian countries for it has the same firmware build, the only advantages is that, you'll get the Singtel's default CSC file and you will get some issues updating on Kies in your areas.

Disclaimer: i am not responsible if anything happens to your device by following this procedure. Proceed at your own risk. This is not advisable for beginners, for advance users and experts alike use only.

This is a manual method of updating Samsung Galaxy Ace device using Odin multi-downloader program, so you will need Odin multi-downloader program to be able to update your device.

Files you need:
1. Stock ROM: S5830DXKT5_S5830OLBKT3_XSO 
2. OPS file      : Cooper_v1.0.ops
3. Odin           : Odin multi-downloader v4.38

password for downloading=
zip password =

once you download all the required file, extract it. For S5830DXKT5_S5830OLBKT3_XSO file, you will get S5830DXKT5_S5830OLBKT3_S5830DXKT4_HOME.tar.md5 file. There is also another file labeled "SS_DL>dll" but will not used in this process.

Important: Do the following before proceeding
** always backup all the important files stored in your the device.
** ensure that the battery is at-least 50% charge, much better if fully charge.

Step by step how to upgrade your Galaxy Ace to Gingerbread 2.3.6
1.  Run Odin on your desktop.
2.  on Odin click the OPS button and load the Cooper_v1.0.ops file on it.
3.  check the One package in the checkbox option. (the Auto reboot and protect OPS remains to be checked)
4. then, at the lower part of Odin, click One package button and load the S5830DXKT5_S5830OLBKT3_S5830DXKT4_HOME.tar.md5 file.

samsung galaxy Ace odin flash stock ROM

5.  set your device in download Mode:turn off you phone. and turn on again by pressing Volume Down + Power + Middle Keys simultaneously to get the phone enter the Download Mode.

samsung galaxy Ace Download mode

6.  if your device is already in download Mode, connect your phone to PC, on Odin window the COM port mapping should turn to yellow color indicate that the connection is OK.

7.  now you can begin flashing your phone by hitting the "start" button.

8.  the process will take around 4 to 5 minutes to complete, a progress bat on the left side of Odin will show you the downloading progress. A word "PASS" will display once it finished.

                                             samsung galaxy Ace android 2.3.5 odin flashing finish

9.  now you can unplug the phone from PC. Then do a factory data reset to clean all data caches and have a fresh firmware installed. You can do this by entering the Recovery mode. To enter this mode, switch off your phone and turn on again by pressing Home Button + Power Button, then toggle down using volume button and select Wipe Data/Factory Reset. you also can do this by typing this code *2767*3855#.

you can check the newly installed firmware update by typing *#1234#, or through "about phone" section under "setting".

Latest firmware for Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830 (Gingerbread 2.3.6) - 17/19/2012

***Updated (06 march 2012)
For those who still looking for the official firmware, here is the list and also the latest firmware for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT s5830. 
Firmware list from version 2.2.1 until the latest version 2.3.6 for all available county..
Choose your country and download and follow above instruction on how to flash/upgrade/downgrade your device manually....

for Password
## =
# =

ModelPDAVersionDateCSCCountry/CarrierDownload link / InfoKiesUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKT7Android 2.3.62012 JuneS5830TMHKP1Hungary (T-mobile)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKTMAndroid 2.3.62012 AprilS5830OXXKT3SpainDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKTEAndroid 2.3.62012 MarchS5830EPLKP3Germany (E-Plus)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XXKPT2012 MarchS5830SERKPTRussiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKTEAndroid 2.3.62012 MarchS5830EPLKP3Germany (E-Plus)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830DDKQ8Android 2.3.62012 FebruaryS5830ODDKQ7IndiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830BVKT3Android 2.3.62012 FebruaryS5830FTMKT1France (Orange)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830BVKT3Android 2.3.62012 FebruaryS5830AMNKT1Spain (Orange)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830DXKT62012 JanuaryS5830OLBKT3ThailandDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKT72011 DecemberS5830OPPKS6AustraliaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830DXKT52011 DecemberS5830OLBKT3Philippines (Globe)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830DXKT5 ##2011 DecemberS5830OLBKT3VietnamDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830DXKT5 ##2011 DecemberS5830OLBKT3MalaysiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830DXKT5 ##2011 DecemberS5830OLBKT3Philippines (Sun)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830DXKT5 ##2011 DecemberS5830OLBKT3Philippines (Smart)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830DXKT5 ##2011 DecemberS5830OLBKT3IndonesiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKT72011 DecemberS5830XSKKP2SlovakiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKT8Android 2.3.62011 DecemberS5830FREKS5France (Free mobile)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKT6 ##2011 DecemberS5830OXXKT3Portugal (TPH)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830DXKT5 ##Android 2.3.62011 DecemberS5830OLBKT3Singapore (Singtel)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKT7Android 2.3.62011 DecemberS5830OXFKT1Nordic countriesDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKS9 ##2011 NovemberS5830OXXKS2SpainDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKS92011 NovemberS5830OXXKS2Open AustriaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKR2Android 2.3.52011 NovemberS5830PROKP2Belgium / LuxemburgDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKR2 ##2011 NovemberS5830OXFKS3Romania (Orange)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830BUKS2 ##Android 2.3.52011 NovemberS5830SFRKS2France (SFR)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830BUKS2 ##Android 2.3.52011 NovemberS5830VGRKS3Greece (Vodafone)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830BUKS2 ##Android 2.3.52011 NovemberS5830VDHKS1Hungary (VDH)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830BUKS2 ##Android 2.3.52011 NovemberS5830VODKS1United Kingdom (Vodafone)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKR2 ##Android 2.3.62011 NovemberS5830OXEKP4BalticDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKSD ##Android 2.3.52011 NovemberS5830METKP6Ireland (Meteor)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKS9 ##Android 2.3.52011 NovemberS5830XEFKS1FranceDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKS9Android 2.3.42011 OctoberS5830XSAKS4AustraliaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830BVKQ9 ##Android 2.3.42011 OctoberS5830AMNKQ4Spain (Orange)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830BUKS1Android 2.3.52011 OctoberS5830VODKS1United Kingdom (Vodafone)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830BGKS5Android 2.3.52011 OctoberS5830XECKS1Spain (Moviestar)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XXKPP ##Android 2.3.62011 OctoberS5830SERKPPRussiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKS9 ##Android 2.3.52011 OctoberS5830VGFKS1FranceDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKS3Android 2.3.52011 OctoberS5830VIRKP1United KingdomDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKS9Android 2.3.52011 OctoberS5830XEOKP2PolandDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKS9Android 2.3.52011 OctoberS5830XENKS1NetherlandsDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830POKP4Android 2.3.32011 SeptemberS5830BOGKP2France (Bouygues)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPYAndroid 2.3.62011 SeptemberS5830XEUKP1United Kingdom / IrelandDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPY ##Android 2.3.32011 SeptemberS5830OXFKP5Croatia (TWO)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPYAndroid 2.3.42011 SeptemberS5830OXFKP5Romania (Orange)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPYAndroid 2.3.62011 SeptemberS5830OXFKP5Serbia (Telenor)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830ZSKPDAndroid 2.3.42011 SeptemberS5830OZSKPDHong KongDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPYAndroid 2.3.42011 SeptemberS5830OXXKPAHungary (Telenor)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPY ##Android 2.3.42011 SeptemberS5830VGFKP3FranceDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPY ##Android 2.3.32011 SeptemberS5830XEUKP1United Kingdom / IrelandDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKS2 ##Android 2.3.52011 SeptemberS5830XENKS1NetherlandsDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPYAndroid 2.3.42011 SeptemberS5830OXFKP5Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH TELECOM)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830JPKP9Android 2.3.32011 AugustS5830OJPKP3IraqDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPT ##Android 2.3.32011 AugustS5830XEOKP2PolandDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830DDKQ5 ##Android 2.3.42011 AugustS5830ODDKQ5IndiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830ZSKPD ##Android 2.3.42011 AugustS5830OZSKPDDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPU ##Android 2.3.32011 AugustS5830TPLKP2Poland (T-mobile)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPKAndroid 2.3.32011 JulyS5830TMHKP1Hungary (T-mobile)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPO ##Android 2.3.32011 JulyS5830LUXKP1LuxembourgDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPO ##Android 2.3.32011 JulyS5830XENKP7NetherlandsDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830DXKPB ##Android 2.3.42011 JulyS5830OLBKPBOpen AsiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830BOKP5 ##Android 2.3.32011 JulyDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPJAndroid 2.3.32011 JuneS5830OXFKP3Romania (Orange)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XXKPH ##Android 2.3.42011 JuneS5830SERKPHRussiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPK ##Android 2.3.32011 JuneS5830TMHKP1Hungary (T-mobile)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPKL ##Android 2.3.32011 JuneS5830OXFKP3Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPKN ##Android 2.3.32011 JuneS5830OXXKP7Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPKN ##Android 2.3.32011 JuneS5830XEUKP1United Kingdom / IrelandDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPW ##Android 2.3.32011 JuneS5830OXXKPCDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XXKPE ##Android 2.3.32011 MayS5830SERKPERussiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XXKPE ##Android 2.3.32011 MayS5830SERKPERussiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPF ##Android 2.3.32011 MayS5830TPLKP2Poland (T-mobile)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XXKP8 ##Android 2.3.32011 AprilS5830SERKP8RussiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XXKP9 ##Android 2.3.32011 AprilS5830SERKP9RussiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XXKPB ##Android 2.3.32011 AprilS5830SERKPBRussiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830BGKD1 ##Android 2.2.12011 AprilS5830XECKD1Spain (Moviestar)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XXKC1 ##Android 2.2.12011 MarchS5830SERKB3RussiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKC3 ##Android 2.2.12011 MarchS5830OXXKB6Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830DXKC1 ##Android 2.2.12011 MarchS5830OLBKC1Open AsiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830DDKC1 ##Android 2.2.12011 MarchS5830ODDKC1IndiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830BVKC4 ##Android 2.2.12011 MarchS5830FTMKD1France (Orange)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830BUKC2 ##Android 2.2.12011 MarchS5830VODKC1United Kingdom (Vodafone)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830POKB1 ##Android 2.2.12011 FebruaryS5830XEFKB1FranceDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XEKB1 ##Android 2.2.12011 FebruaryS5830SERKB1RussiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKB7 ##Android 2.2.12011 FebruaryS5830OXXKB6Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830ZTKB2 ##Android 2.2.12011 FebruaryDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830BOKB1 ##Android 2.2.12011 FebruaryDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XXKA6 ##Android 2.2.12011 JanuaryS5830OXXKA5Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XXKA7 ##Android 2.2.12011 JanuaryS5830OXXKA5Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKA9 ##Android 2.2.12011 JanuaryS5830SERKB1RussiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKAA ##Android 2.2.12011 JanuaryS5830PROKA3Belgium / LuxemburgDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKAB ##Android 2.2.12011 JanuaryS5830VIAKB2Germany (O2)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830ZSKA6 ##Android 2.2.12011 JanuaryDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830ZCKA7 ##Android 2.2.12011 JanuaryDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830BOKA3 ##Android 2.2.12011 JanuaryDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830BUKA7 ##Android 2.2.12011 JanuaryDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XXJLD ##Android 2.2.12010 DecemberS5830SERJLDRussiaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPY ##Android 2.3.31969 DecemberS5830OXXKPAHungaryDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830WGKP41969 DecemberS5830DORKP2DominicaDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPY ##Android 2.3.31969 DecemberS5830VIAKP1Germany (O2)Download / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPY ##Android 2.3.31969 DecemberS5830XEFKP5FranceDownload / InfoUnlock
GT-S5830S5830XWKPY ##Android 2.3.31969 DecemberS5830SEKKP6UkraineDownload / InfoUnlock


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  2. video for the process to root ace >>

  3. for nepal which one is to be download suggest me please!!

  4. i'm not sure about nepal, but i think u can use india firmware. or u can try upgrading via kies.
    u can also check this guy out,

  5. YOUR PASSWORD UNVALID!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. which password? there are 2 different passwords provided.

  7. the odin downloader password?

  8. the zipped file password does not work !

    1. which firmware?
      singapore firmware(S5830DXKT5_S5830OLBKT3_XSO)?

  9. ure password for zip is invalid !!!!!
    i've tried it for 10 times !!!!!

    1. which firmware u hv downloaded?

    2. Password: (if the password don't work it means your download is corrupted, it already proven and works for us)

      source for this tutorial:

  10. Link for asia firmware was updated,
    S5830DXKT5_S5830OLBKT3_XSO (password removed)..

  11. help!! infinite loops occur!! how to fix this??

    1. Wipe data/factory reset in recover mode. how to get to recovery mode > switch off your phone, then turn on your phone, power + middle button.

  12. if in odin screen there is a message shown that "--- cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5",, so how to fix it??

  13. O yaar chhodo ye sab faltu ka kam follow this for Samsung S5830.
    menu-setting-about phone hear u can find software update option go there and register yourself after register click on software update follow the step.Sim me internet pack hona chahiye,battery full charged honi chahiye.Now enjoy with latest firmware.

    Sidhi Baat No Bakwaas.

  14. why mine take more than 5 minutes and it continue till 30 mnute

  15. Where the uk downlaod firmeware

    1. GT-S5830 - United Kingdom (Vodafone)(2.3.5)


      GT-S5830 - United Kingdom / Ireland (2.3.6)

  16. I have upgrade Android Gingerbread 2.3.6 succesfully but i can't read HINDI & GUJRATI languge....

    any solution????

    1. u should upgrade using india firmware. the one in this tutorial dont have hindi language. you can upgrade via kies or if u r using odin, u can download the firmware from samsung website or download from table above or here the link:

  17. Worked for me!!! thanks a bunch!!

  18. thank you! your instruction is much better from other blog which gave me full-waste-of-time instruction. thank you again.

  19. Is the firmware udgradation risky?

  20. Its just Aswme Sala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jst I have done it......:-)

  21. ramdump 9..somethng like that when i try to do to the download mode..why?myphone was rooted..then i want to downgrade...can i use this method?

  22. press volume button +center+lock
    u would have pressed volume up button which has lead to ramdump screen

  23. cant add the ops file:(

  24. nice blog....with help of it i upgraded my Sansung Galaxy Ace to Android Gingerbread's workind dude....

    Samsung Galaxy Ace

  25. my phone after flashing firmware cnt recognise sim card. wat shld i do

  26. this is great for those want to update their old Froyo.but I soft-bricked my s5830 with other firmware.can you help? kovukoko mai...

    1. Try USB JIG to repair soft-bricked phone(i u have or can find it), u can find a lot of tutorials in youtube on how to do it, otherwise sending to shop is a wise option. Baiko min'game elo t...

  27. hi every one i try with india stock in my samsung galaxy ace but can't not...:(.
    any suggestion please ..thanks a lot

  28. i was doing the update in my mobile. but my friend unknowingly unplugged it from laptop now there is a error screen coming whwnever i am starting my mobile ... what to do??? :-(

    1. try re-flashing your phone using above method.
      enter download Mode: by pressing Volume Down + Power + Middle Keys
      or if u cannot enter donwnload mode try entering recovery mode by pressing Home Button + Power Button. And do the factory reset, and clear cache(data will be lost). Update your phone again using above method.

  29. Can upload Malaysia ver into mediafire?

  30. help me i am just doing all this and it is taken 28 minutes and the green bar isnt moving and i am using odin 4.42

  31. Sir, i have follow the same process as written in your blog.
    My mobile is in downloading mode and odin is showing 25 minute and still running. not completed as writtn in 5-6 minute. Please tell me now what to do?